Thursday, February 12, 2009

On the way to catch a flight, a transit @Starbucks

I just have to say, plane food these days sucks. I used to like Singapore Airline's plane food, but lately the quality has been going down. Lufthansa serves cold sandwiches which is ok, but I like my food to be hot. Emirates has the best food these days. So I was very happy when I found out that Starbucks at Jakarta Airport terminal 2 has amazingly good tuna sandwich! Oh, and they reheat it for you!!!

It's a wholegrain bread and stuffed between are thick tasty mix of tuna, veggies, cheese and almonds! Let me just say that the almonds is the one thing that really brought this otherwise simple tuna sandwich over the top. It's just so damn good with the almonds. The veggies and the wholegrain really makes me feel like I eat healthy. Please don't remind me of the cheese part. Let me enjoy my 'healthy' meal.

The sandwich is definitely the perfect snack before flight especially when your flight is around those meal hours, there is no way you can eat on time; consider the take off, waiting till they serve you and not to mention, God forbid there is any delay. For people like me who get headache if they eat late, it's always good to have something to eat before flying. And, there's that chance that the airplane food is gonna be crappy...

Starbucks Cafe
Jakarta International Airport Terminal 2
(Just after the immigration)

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