Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little bit of sangria @Margarita's

When it comes to finding Mexican food in Singapore, alas there isn't much choice. Good thing is, Margarita's is quite alright to satisfy that cravings. After watching Marley & Me that afternoon, K, A, and I went to Margarita's. However, A had to get back to her house so K and I went first. I was famished as I only had cereal for brunch so we decided, or rather K took pity on me and we ordered nachos to start with and sangria. After all what is Mexican food without some wine?

The sangria was nice, fruity enough without losing its wine essence. My only complain though, for the price that we paid, we should be getting either two jugs or just one full jug without any ice cubes. I wanted to order more, but decided that I better keep my money for something else more value for money.

The bar area, the atmosphere is quite cozy and warm

By the time we got to Dempsey the sky that had darkened earlier started raining cats and dogs. It was surprising that despite the fact that we got there around 6.30, we almost couldn't get a table since they claimed to be fully booked. However, K and I managed to get a table with the promise that we would be done by 8.30. As soon as we sat down, I ordered nachos as I was positively famished. Then, remembering A's craving for sangria K and I ordered a jug of sangria.

Our jug of sangria @SGD 59.60 (didn't I tell you it's a bit pricey?)

The nachos couldn't come any sooner. The smell intensified by my hunger was heavenly and warm, contrasting with the wet ugly weather outside. There was an abundance of cheese, nacho chips and jalapeno pickles, complete with refried beans. I don't usually like jalapeno pickles but perhaps I was just way too hungry to care so I ate them and to my surprise, I really like them! I would have liked it better if there were more salsa, guacamole and sour cream on the nachos as well as some more beans, but this was enough to satiate my Mexican craving for this time.

Nachos @16.90

By the time A and N came, K and I finished the nachos already. Hence we decided to ordered a couple of main courses to share as we weren't starving anymore. We decided on crab enchiladas and mixed meat fajitas. The crab enchiladas came in a bowl with tomato based gravy and a side of salad, mexican rice and refried beans. It's a huge meal, that I would be struggling if I were to order it alone, though maybe if I hadn't eaten any nachos I could have devoured it clean. The innard was brimming with crab meat, tender and sweet, savory if you mix with the sauce. It was addictive. The rice was buttery and creamy, very comforting. I love mixing it with some refried beans.

Crab Enchiladas @SGD 34

The side dish: rice with refried beans and salad

The mixed fajita came in half meat half chicken with some tortillas and three different dips which unfortunately I couldn't remember only that they were good. It was so nice to shelter inside when it's pouring outside with some warm tacos filled with meat, roasted veggies, sour cream and refried beans. If only I could get some blanket and a TV, I'd be all set for a lazy afternoon/evening.

Mixed fajitas: Beef and Chicken @SGD 32

For desert, we decided to order their tiramisu. It was huge. I love the strong taste of coffee, but I find that the lady fingers could use some more time soaking in the coffee with rum as it was a bit too dry. I haven't had any spectacular tiramisu in a while. Maybe I need to go to Rome and visit my lovely Italian friend F who made the best tiramisu ever when I was in college...

Tiramisu @SGD 12

Margarita's Restaurant
Block 11 Dempsey Rd #01-19
+65 6471 3228

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