Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Revisiting Chairman Mao

Celery in chili oil to start

Back to Chairman Mao again! After I introduced my mom to this spicy restaurant, it has became one of her favorite. So here we are again. I attempted to ordered different dishes than last time but of course I cannot pass out on the eggplant. Without the eggplant dish, it would be like we never went to Chairman Mao in the first place!

Prune drink to put out the fire in your mouth

Eggplant with green chillies

We decided on the white baits, eggplant with green chillies, lamb and celery soup, and steamed baby taro. At first we were going to order something entirely different which I cannot remember now, but then we saw the table next to us having the baby taro which looked very interesting, you'll see.

White baits Hunanese style

A closer look

If I am incoherent, please bear with me as it is 2am and I couldn't sleep! Insomnia attack... ugh, not my favorite at all, so I decided why not blog? Anyway, back to Chairman Mao, the eggplant - do I need to say it again? Love love love this dish. Love the texture, black bean saltiness and the chillies. So comforting when eaten with steamed rice and yet full of flavor at the same time. The white baits were nice and I was so thankful that they took out the heads! I wouldn't be able to eat in peace with those eyes staring at me... I thought that the fish were a bit tough, but then again, do take into account that I am not really a fish fan overall.

The lamb and celery came in a big bowl...

Closer look, check out how the lamb is bacon-like!

The lamb and celery soup really made my night. I fell in love. The lamb were shaved thinly, bacon-like, which made it so tender. The soup reminded me of Japanese shabu shabu and conjured wintry image. The celery, a simple vegetable was appropriate to complement and balance the richness of the lamb. The soup itself, rich with lamb and celery stock. Delicious! I could see myself ordering this dish next winter, or even earlier! Maybe on these rainy Sydney nights....

Steamed baby taro

If you decide to order the baby taro, take note that this dish takes longer than the others. We were warned that it would take 20 minutes to prepare. It didn't come till we almost finish the other dishes over 40 minutes later. My advice? Remind them ;) The baby taro were so soft and buttery. Dip it to the chili oil it came with for best effect. As always, a trip to this restaurant never disappoint.

Chairman Mao
189 Anzac Parade
Kensington, NSW 2033
+61 2 9697 9189
Open for dinner only
(Booking is highly recommended as the place is always packed)

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