Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chicken karaage lunch set at Nazimi

Nazimi's chicken karaage lunch set

Nazimi is one of Sydney CBD best kept secret restaurants that serves good quality Japanese food with good value for money. So far I've only gone for dinner and today was the first time I went for lunch. I was meeting a friend of a friend of a friend. Yes, 3rd degree of separation, who just moved to Sydney from New York, one of my favorite cities in the world. Originally we planned on going to Cafecito, a Brazillian cafe in Town Hall that got good raving from the Sydney Time Out magazine. After getting lost somewhere in Kent St, with both of us entering the address as 473 Kent St into google maps, we found it inside Town Hall Square, CLOSED! *Gasp* I quickly opened my Time Out mag that I brought and it said "open Mon-Fri 7am-5pm". Well, mistakes happen I suppose... So we were hungry and had no idea where to eat... so we walked to QVB and decided to go check out the two Japanese restaurants on York St and settled on Nazimi as Hoya was closed.

We had to wait a few minutes before they opened at 11.30am and we were definitely their first customers. After looking at their menu, both of us decided to go for the Chicken karaage lunch set for $15 which included; miso soup, sushi, entree of the day, rice, salad and of course chicken karaage. A good deal. We were famished and luckily we got served the miso soup right away which helped me from having to deal with a riot in my stomach!

Wasabi, sushi, fruit and veggie salad, and entree of the day

It came in this cute bento box, not unexpected since it's a Japanese food characteristics anyway but it's always nice when your food is presented nicely. I love how the wasabi was piped into a flower shape. The karaage was bite size, crispy and tasty. There were a house karaage sauce that you get with it where I could taste a bit of wasabi in it... or maybe I accidentally mixed some in there.. Oh well I truly enjoyed the karaage. I found some eggplant on the entree of the day corner as well as shrimp salsa and tiny agedashi tofu. The vegetable and fruit salad was in sesame dressing and we both got one piece each of unagi roll and tuna mayo roll. I love it.

Good food, good company... what else could you possibly want for a Saturday lunch?

If you come here for dinner or want to order other things from the normal menu, I'd say go for it. I don't think you can ever go wrong. I've tried many other things and always find myself wanting togo back for more.

141 York St
Sydney, NSW 2000
+61 2 9283 2990

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