Monday, June 7, 2010

Waiting for my VIP membership card from Chat Thai

Par Tuhng Go AUD 6.90

Those who followed me on twitter would know that I have been taking regular take outs from Chat Thai. So I am now waiting for them to issue me a VIP membership card or at least recognize me as a regular. Anyway, here's a take out from Chat Thai. Another craving of the week. And, another 'once on your lips, forever on the hips' moment. Its basically fried dough and pandan flavored coconut cream. Totally not good for you and your waistline, but superbly yummy.

Don't say it! I know, too much of 'once on your lips, forever on the hips' moments. I'm about to enroll in a gym.

Chat Thai
20 Campbell St
+61 2 9211 1808
Open daily from 10am-2am
(Menus are divided in 3 sections: lunch, dinner and supper)

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