Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breakfast at Book Kitchen

Book Kitchen really does have books... and you can browse them while you eat. Just don't stain the pages ;)

It's that time of the semester where school is done, but students are restless and stressed out with the impending exams that are yet to be taken. I am one of those students. Headaches and hunger pangs come much more frequently these days and I get a little depressed at times thinking about my exams and how much they weight. Really still not used to the Australian nazi-esque grading system. I miss the American grading system, at least I know what I would be getting and understand how it works.

Mocha, to ward off the cold and the early morning sleepiness

So I decided that I would get some flowers from the Sydney Markets at Flemington to brighten my flat and get some lavender for my bedroom as lavender scent is believed to have calming effect. So I drove to Flemington at 6.30am with my cousin and we went a little bezerk at the cheap flowers there were. She got tulips (2 bunches for $10), I got lavenders (5 bunches for $10), jonquils (2 bunches for $3) and tiny roses (a bunch for $5). Then we head for breakfast. At first we wanted to get pork fennel sausage at Bourke Street Bakery, but the sausage rolls weren't done baking just yet. So we crossed the street to Book Kitchen.

Roast pumpkin omelet on sourdough

I ended up getting the roast pumpkin omelet on sourdough while my cousin ordered bacon and egg roll. Of course I had to order the banana bread with passion fruit butter. The roast pumpkin omelet was a very comforting, or maybe I was just too hungry. But I really did like the roast pumpkin, its a different twist with a soft and sweet taste than the usual ham or other breakfast meat.
Bacon and egg roll with tomato chutney

The bacon and egg roll came out and we were surprised at how big it was. It looked really yummy though. The tomato chutney gave it a gourmet taste. The banana bread... moist, succulent and toasted just nicely. Dollops of passion fruit butter contrast the sweetness of banana bread with fresh tanginess of the passion fruit. I was so full, halfway to my banana bread toast, but I had to finish it... it was too good to be left uneaten.

Banana bread with passion fruit butter

The Book Kitchen
255 Devonshire Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
+61 2 9310 1003
Open Mon-Sun 8am-3pm, Plus Wed-Sat 6-9.30pm

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