Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happiness is tortilla wrapped cheese and carnitas with guacamole on the side

I woke up today with a hungry stomach and one thing in mind, "burrito". It was a rainy Saturday morning in Sydney. Winter is definitely here. I just didn't want to get out of my warm and cozy bed, but I had to because I had a phone conference with my partner for a project at 10.30 am.I was so determined to have Mexican though, even if I had to go solo. Just after I hung up at 11.30, I remembered that there is one person who would 99% said yes, my new Colombian friend, J. Quickly dialing her number and worked on my most persuasive negotiation skill, ten minutes later I was in the shower getting ready.

We decided to go to MadMex in Darlinghurst as that is the closest Mexican food to our homes. I had to stare at the menu for a while because all of a sudden I wanted everything! Then at the end, I forgo Mexican rice and decided to have quesadilla with carnitas, pulled pork, with salsa, sour cream and picante. Then I decided to get some corn chips with guacamole. I wanted nachos, but it didn't seem that they had it, or I missed it on their menu.

Moments after I brought my chips and guacamole to my table by the window so that we could check out the scenery, my quesadilla came. It was warm and smelled so delicious. It made me miss NYC with its abundance of Mexican food, or even my small town, middle of nowhere university in Pennsylvania where Mexican food was a staple in the cafeteria. Here, Mexican food is what Indonesian food is like in NYC, not widespread.

Anyway, my quesadilla was warm, soft with just the right amount of pork. I was skeptical at first whether it would be enough. However with the chips that I ordered, my stomach was happy and full. It was bliss.

The only thing that I wasn't sure of was the guacamole. I thought it didn't have enough kick, but it was good. The other thing is that it was so expensive! Good Mexican food was never expensive in NYC... Oh well, Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore!

241-247 Crown St.
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010
+61 2 9331 7788
Open Daily 11 am-11 pm

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