Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 2 cont'd: Flowers of the Sapporo Botanic Garden

As promised from the last Japan post, here are more pictures on the flowers! Sorry if it's too much, like my friend was saying, I went banana on these flowers.

Ginko chan wandering with her not-so-backpackers handbag ;)

Ajisai! Or Hydrangea in English. It was in season and I will have more pictures later from Taki, Mie Ken. I fell in love with this flower.

I really wanted to take this home for my flat... Although I don't think I could smuggle it from the Aussie custom... and I certainly don't want to be featured on Borders Patrol!

Insect eating plant, I love the little sacks. They have such pretty forms.

The green house

Humongous roses on the Rose Garden

Check out the butterfly on the middle rose

A walkway with roses surrounding it

My favorite find, well one of them anyway: dropping onion blossoms!

Dandelions ready to fly away, so cute and fluffy, so glad my allergies didn't flare up tho ;)

Ginko chan sheltering under the rhubarb plant, did you find any koroppoku?

Hokkaido University Botanic Garden
Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi


  1. aww.. i love these pictures you took of the flowers! shoot, i want to go back to japan man. :')

    ps: you changed your blog format!

  2. lets! when?

    ps: no koroppokus found. maybe i'll get lucky next time :)

  3. when, when, when? That is the million dollar question!

  4. koropokku are dwarves that live under rhubarb tree according to Ainu legend... too cute!


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