Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brunch at Boomerang

Boomerang at Robertson Quay

It's the weekend! Yippee.... Seriously, I live for the weekend: sleeping in, rolling of the bed at 10 or 11, getting ready for brunch and waking up together with friends over brunch. What better way to spend your Saturday morning?

Last week I met this girl, H, who just recently got transferred out of New York, so having experienced moving countries myself I know how nice it is to have a kind stranger to lend you a hand and show you the ropes of this new strange place. Not that I'm saying I'm a kind stranger... that is for her to decide hehe...

Menu is filled with Aussie words and places

Where we were seating, outdoor but protected from the sun and heat

I decided to take her to Boomerang for brunch, I never went before but I passed by before and it seemed quite nice. It took me a while to decide what to order as I wasn't hungry, I have no idea why as I am normally always hungry! I was almost disappointed when I read that the breakfast menu is only served till 11.30am and was sooooooo glad and relieved when H pointed that that it is served all day on Saturday and Sunday! Saved! So I opted against the traditional aussie burger with beet root and went with Coolangatta, with eggs, sausages, bacon, toast and... drumroll please..... HASH BROWN!

Coolangatta: hmmm... a plateful of delish!

The hash brown was the first one I tried when the meal came. It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, tasted great with ketchup but it would have been better for my health and conscience if it was a little less oily. The bacon was yum, lots of meat and not that much fat what value for my money. The sausages were tasty, but I found these chunks of fat as I was chewing that detracted from their tastiness. The toast slices were crispy and soft, oh, and the waitress gave me strawberry jam upon request so that I can slapped the jam on top of the buttered toast. Simply delicious.

The "After" shot....

H ordered 3 eggs omelette with capsicum, mushroom and cheddar cheese that came with slices of toast. She has this funny observation that people here serves a lot of mushrooms. I have not noticed that before but I suppose now that I think about it, it is true. Chinese cuisine serves lots of mushroom as well as Japanese... I didn't try her omelette, but seeing her devouring her eggs made me confident that it was good, or maybe she was hungry.

3 Eggs omelette with capsicum, mushroom and cheddar cheese
with toast and butter

It was a sunny day in Singapore and fortunately it wasn't that humid that day, so H and I were able to sit outside, under the awning of course and enjoy the day. I do have to mention however, that we did sit under the AC and next to a fan. It was just nice to be able to wake up slowly on a Saturday, munching delicious food while enjoying the sun (without getting scorched or melted!) in good company. H and I will come back to try other stuff, such as the aussie burger (I really want beetroot in my burger) and the chocolate filled french toast. Sinful.

Boomerang Bistro & Bar
#01-15, 60 Robertson Quay
The Quayside, Robertson Quay
+65 6738 1077


  1. I have to disagree. The food is appalling there. And the service is soooo shit!!! The staff spend more time talking amongst themselves. The coffee is good though.

  2. Really? Then the one time I went there I must have been quite lucky.


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