Friday, June 12, 2009

Miharu Ramen @Gallery Hotel

Miharu Ramen from the side

The first time I heard about Miharu ramen was about a year ago from a friend of mine who works at the Singapore Tourism Board but it's not till recently that I finally tried it. I also passed by it more than a few times. I can see the sign on the side of the road and wonder if it is the Miharu ramen at the Gallery Hotel since I would have expected the side views to be neater as Gallery hotel is supposed to be a boutique hotel... (to my mind anyway)

Tokusen Miso Ramen

Nevertheless, after studying the menu I decided to try the Tokusen miso ramen which consisted of ramen, pork slice, half of soft parboiled egg, corn, bamboo shoots, sliced shallots and seaweed on a miso based soup. It made me really happy to see that the ramen came with the seaweed as to me it was so reminiscent of the ramen that I had in Japan. It's almost a symbol of authenticity. Almost, as I was yet to taste it. The soup was rich. I could taste the miso and the broth. The ramen noodle itself was firm and chewy. The bamboo shoots were crunchy but not too hard and the corn was sweet. The taste really kicked.

Boiled Gyoza

The boiled gyoza was also quite interesting as usually you don't really find boiled gyoza at Japanese shops. It came dressed in soy sauce with vinegar. I waited till it cooled down a bit before trying. It was good and I'd like to think somewhat healthier as it was boiled rather than fried. I also hoped it has less calories... Alright, alright, I'm asking for too much, but at least I tried... The skin is thicker than the usual fried gyoza but I do recommend the boiled gyoza if you never tried it before.

Miso Cha Siew

Since the ramen only come with one slice of pork, it made sense at the time to order the miso cha siew, which is 4 slices of pork drizzled in miso sauce on top of boiled bean sprouts. The pork was sweet and tender, and the miso sauce complimented it by giving it salty savory taste. And the bean sprouts,... it can never hurt to eat more vegetables.

All the sauces you need for ramen and gyoza...
and of also your chopsticks

What I like about Miharu is that the place is very Japanese ramen shop-ish: with a ramen flag outside, semi open kitchen with a ramen bar where people who come solo can just sit and watch the chef cooking their meal. It just felt quite authentic. The interesting part about it was that, there were another restaurant just across from it that turned out to also be Miharu ramen... so due to space issue they have two different places one across each other. I wonder if people get confused as I certainly did.

I am so glad that now I found another good ramen place and finally tried the elusive "ramen at the Gallery Hotel". Now I can say that I have tried it.

Miharu Ramen
1 Nanson Rd
Singapore, 238909, Singapore
+65 67338464‎


  1. Wow the miso char siew looks good!!! Pity I missed it on the menu! Yum yum...must have that when I go back...

  2. The photos that you took are nice!
    Glad that I might have "inspired" you to visit Miharu!
    Sorry for the late reply because I only got to notice your comment today.
    I'm inspired by you to make a visit there too soon!

  3. camemberu: you should definitely try the miso cha siew, the miso sauce is really nice

    hlmilk: Hehe actually I've been wanting to go to Miharu for the longest time, a friend showed me your blog to persuade me to go to menya shinchan... which I've yet to try. I think I will go there to check out the pumpkin ramen sometime soon tho...

  4. I have been telling my girlfriend about this and we definitely will visit Miharu. I have tried it some time ago, it was reeeallly tasty and like you said, authentic. Wanlee


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