Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello Cupcake

Rose Cupcake

I'm not sure when my obsession for cupcake exactly started. I just remembered that Sydney's Cupcake on Pitt was the first cupcake that I ate after I started to be conscious this obsession. Of course I had cupcakes before that, one of cupcakes that I miss the most was one that was I sometimes get as part of my morning tea at the boarding house in Sydney. It was plain cupcake with pink icing, I wonder if I can still get it at the school canteen. I will check it out next time I'm in the area. When I moved to Singapore, a friend told me to visit Marmalade Pantry if I ever need to fill this cupcake cravings.

The shop's seal for the white paper bag

Last Friday, I had lunch with M at Marmalade pantry in Hitachi Tower. Upon entering the premise and waiting for our table which we had reserved, I couldn't help but notice the display of cupcakes. There were the pink cupcakes that caught my eye, and I already decided right then and there what I would have for desert and saved some space in my stomach for it. Planning is everything peeps!
Cross (Bite) section

Turned out that it was called "Rose". Rose cupcake with lychee and raspberry frosting. Lots of flavor in one cupcake, is that possible? I was skeptical. I ordered it anyway and they gave it to me packed in a container inside a white paper bag. I had it in the afternoon with some tea pretending that it was high tea but the computer and my desk at work did not help that fantasy. The cupcake had a strong sweet scent. It smelled pink to me. Maybe I was biased since the frosting was pink. The raspberry frosting had the berry taste and it complement the sweetness from the cupcake itself. As I was digging my way through it, I found a lychee in the middle of the cupcake! I thought at first that they blended the lychee in the frosting. In conclusion, .... there can be that many flavor in one cupcake that complement each other. It sweetened my Friday for sure.

Marmalade Pantry
Unit 01-04
Hitachi Tower
16 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049318
+65 6438 5015

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