Tuesday, January 6, 2009

cheap cheap fried bee hoon breakfast

Way back when I first started working, there were lots of mornings where I would see my manager get this fried bee hoon for breakfast, along with other members of my team. One day, they asked me if I'd like to try. My manager raved about this bee hoon. It is one of the best bee hoon around, he claimed. Ran by three old ladies, but even when they are old their bee hoon is so great. How good could a bee hoon be? Right?

One of the lady, preparing an order... not mine though...

Wrong! This bee hoon, is definitely one of the best around town, or the whole island. The vermicelli is just the right consistency, firm but crunchy. The darkness of the sauce that seeps through the surface of the vermicelli is also just right, not pale nor is it too dark. Again, just right. Value for money? Oh yeah. At 70 cents per pack or if you'd like a large serving, just pay another 30 cents!

There are two kinds of noodles: bee hoon (vermicelli on the right) or mee (thicker noodle on the left)

"Is that it?", you asked... No. When you eat these bee hoon, do get yourself another treat or treats. Get yourself some fish fillet, fish cake, taiwanese pork sausage, ngo hiang, eggs, whatever you fancy that is on display. All these other treats range from 70 cents to a dollar a piece! Yeah, talk about value for money indeed.

An assortment of toppings for the bee hoon

The price list ~ see, I wasn't lying when I proclaimed 'value for money'...

My favorite is the fish fillet and fish cake. "Fishy" some would say, but I love the taste. The fish fillet is breaded in bread crumb flour and deep fried, while the fish cake is just fried. Both of them are sweet and savory at the same time. If you want more than those two tastes, then do get some of their chillies. It's good. Really.

Actually, I also like the taiwanese sausage, its sweet and tasty, but I refrain myself from ordering those these days cause of the oiliness... I can only take so much of oil. But if you don't mind it, do order it. It's delish!

A portion of bee hoon with taiwanese sausage, fish fillet and fried egg

A portion of bee hoon with fish cake, fish fillet, stir fried cabbage, green chili pickles and chili sauce

As with anything fried, it is oily. Let's not beat around the bush on that subject. But, worry not. They have green chilli pickles which vinegary taste will wash away any oiliness on your mouth. If that is not enough, then do get yourself a glass of soy bean milk. Not only would it removes the oiliness from your mouth, it will also calm your tongue and mouth from the burning chillies that you so generously poured before. Oh! Guess what?! A glass of soy milk is 70 cents! 70 cents is the going rate in this particular hawker center isn't it?

The soy bean milk stall

The soy bean milk that I drank that morning... yeah I drank half already... forgot to snap the picture till then...

Golden Shoes Car Park
Hawker Center 2nd Floor, Middle row
Market Street
Raffles Place

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