Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cooking lesson with i eat sweet

Sour Cherries Dark Chocolate Cookies Bourke St Bakery Style

One morning at the beginning of the semester, I managed to talk Cleony from i eat sweet to have a morning sugar rush at Zumbo. The story of my first ever Zumbo experience after a year living in Sydney would have to wait for another post. Then on the way home, somehow, I got talked into spending the day with her baking.... because I really suck at baking and she wanted to transform me one recipe at a time into a domestic goddess? Whatever the reason, I ended up making 2 recipes that day. Under close supervision of course.
The ingredients

So the first batch is Bourke St Bakery's sour cherries dark chocolate cookies, my favorite cookies of all time. I have been meaning to bake this well, August last year... Before you shake your heads, listen: I broke my foot last year in September, remember?

Cleony has the book with the recipe, but if you're interested you can access it from Almost Bourdain's blog. I was really proud with the results. They were really gooey on the inside. A perfect hybrid of brownies and cookies. I can't wait to bake the next batch. Must wait for the baking mistress to come back from her overseas travel though...

Piglet face muffins

Then, we tried out her new muffin pan which I brought back from Hong Kong. We decided to make blueberry muffin. Wrong decision!!! The blueberries burst during the process and deformed some of the piglets' faces.

Muffin piglets

Baking turns out to be fun, provided I have an expert beside me. At the end of it I had so many food I didn't know what to do. So some lucky people got some muffins and cookies.

Thanks Cleony for the flour, sugar, equipments, your time and patience ;)

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