Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A tribute for Rafael Nadal - the greatest tennis player ever

I know this is a food blog and I know I haven't written for a while. It's been super hectic with school lately and I wasn't having the best day either today. The best thing that I've heard today was when I checked my twitter and saw that Nadal had won the US Open 2010.

Women thinks he's hot, men's are divided between him and Federer. For me, he is the greatest tennis player ever. Not just for his sportmanship and the games, but also for his character. Sure, a friend said to me that it's all just for show, and it could very well be. I beg to differ though. You just need to see the way he comforted Federer in Melbourne 2009 who couldn't believe that Nadal won the slam title. Click here for the video. Not just this one time, each time, he always has positive things to say to his opponents, even if he lost. To have this kind of consistency, I don't think it's for the show. It's admirable. Even when he lost the French Open last year, he didn't blame anyone or made any excuses. Even if later on we all find out that other than suffering from tendonitis, his parents were in the process of divorcing. Read this - a tribute for him from the official US Open 2010 website.

To find out today that he has finally won the US Open made me very happy. I don't even know him personally, but his achievement got me all emotional. I never had idols or be a fan of someone before. Nadal, however, is an exception. I truly admire him, not for the looks though it's not bad at all, but for his character. Congrats Rafa!

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