Sunday, December 28, 2008


Outside Section of SHY Rooftop @Papillion

For a while now, I've been hearing a lot about this rooftop place in Kemang. So when N mentioned it as a place to meet up with R and Mi, I agreed. On my way there on one of the last saturday nights in 2008, Mi texted me telling me that she has arrived. A minute later R called telling me that he had arrived. Since the two of them had no recollection of going to high school together, they are waiting for me to arrive. I almost passed Papillon, but somehow I made it all the way to the 5th floor, the infamous rooftop. I headed straight to the outdoor as Mi was waiting for me there. A quick scan through and I didn't see R. A few calls and text messages after, I found out that there were actually TWO rooftops in Kemang; The Edge at Kemang Icon and Shy Rooftop on top of Papillon. Turned out that Mi was waiting for me at Rooftop and R at The Edge. R made it to Rooftop while we waited for N.

Floor Directory

The stairs leading up to the rooftop, I however, took the elevator ;)

I really like the atmosphere and the decor of Rooftop, it's comfortable, cozy and different than any other joint in the city. The martinis menu were extensive, I wanted to try the Tiramisu Martini but I didn't want to pay Rp 150,000,- for a drink, which is more expensive than in Singapore. Maybe it was worth it, but I have this bias that I don't want to pay more in Indonesia than what I pay overseas. I ordered the strawberry juice instead, Mi had heineken and R had juice as well. N came and ordered her drink, and we talked, catching up while we drank.

One of the table under the tent

We decided to head to The Edge, try out the other rooftop and have dinner there. Turned out that the place is as nice as the Shy Rooftop... Different concepts, yet both are very cozy. Slightly more cozy at The Edge, since the pool on the side of the dining area gave it a casual, relaxing vibe.

The Edge rooftop ~ pool dining @ Kemang Icon

We were famished. We ordered quickly, N and I had the penne salmone, Mi had the lamb rack, and R had the grilled beef, second from the bottom on the menu. I forgot to bring a pen and a little notebook, something that I should carry on wherever I go so that I can jot down details on the go. I really liked the penne salmone. The penne was cooked just nice, not to soft but not too hard. The white sauce had a nice consistency too, not too creamy. The salmon was smoke salmon or some sort, but the whole combination was nice. Not sure if hunger played a part in this review, perhaps you should take it into consideration.

Penne Salmone

R's grilled steak was nice as well as Mi's lamb rack, which came in three different pieces. I won't comment a lot on the steak and the lamb as I didn't really remember, but they were nicely done, none were chewy. I don't know which one I would choose out of the two rooftops as they both have different vibes. I don't mind either, but for value for money, I would go for The Edge. For drinks, I would go to Rooftop as they only had one drink available that night at The Edge.

Lamb Rack

R's Steak con mashed potatoes

The inside at The Edge

We really lucked out that night as the weather was good; breezy, not too humid with clear sky. From both rooftops, the view of Jakarta at night was pretty. They both had great atmosphere too, even if R was complaining about the band at The Edge, but R can be a hard one to please. It was a great night out with great friends, a great success too at checking out not one rooftop, but TWO!

SHY Rooftop
The Papillion, 5th Floor
Jl. Kemang Raya 45AA
+62 21 7191975

The Edge ~ Pool Dining
Kemang Icon by Alila, Top Floor
Jl. Kemang Raya 1
Jakarta 12730
+ 62 21 7197989


  1. I love this review! Great write-up. I hope to check-it out next weekend. You think a reservation for two is necessary for Saturday night? Thanks.

  2. Thanks! Saturday night definitely get a reservation. Better come prepared instead of reaping regret later. =D


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