Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"The" Usual?

Han's: The Tasty Town

For the past month and a half, I have been stopping by Han's on my way to work to get my breakfast: fried egg and ham sandwich on toasted bread. Everyday, religiously I entered, walked to the counter and ordered my breakfast, day in day out. The lady behind the counter knew my face and my order by heart. These days even before I open my lips to order she shouted a fried egg order to her kitchen staff. So all I have to do is approach her, listened to her confirming my daily order, nod and pay. The only thing that changes is the type of bread: white or wholemeal. Then I'd step aside and watch the ladies assemble my sandwich, layer by layer: ham, tomato and cucumber and reminding them not slap the butter to my bread but to give it a light gentle touch of butter. Once assembled the sandwich is cut diagonally and wrapped before given to me.

Fried egg and ham sandwich

Clutching it close to me like a lifesaver I walked the final steps to the office, taking the elevator, walked to my desk and settling for the morning. I log into my computer, wait for it to load and devour the sandwich while reading my inbox. The sandwich is such a simple sandwich that you just can't go wrong. The fried egg reminded me of the days when my mom would give me fried egg and rice for breakfast. It gave me a sense of nostalgic and comfort which perhaps explain my daily attachment of this sandwich. Sometimes I wish that the ham is slightly thicker, that the tomato slice would always be just the right ripeness or that the cucumber slice would always be slightly sweet instead of being bitter some days. But for the price, the nostalgia of fried egg and the humility of such simple sandwich its a good bargain.

It suddenly dawn on me that now I am a regular. I had always wanted to go into a restaurant and have the waiter knows what I'm going to order like when you go to those boutique hotels where they know exactly how to fold your towel and where you would like your pijama to be placed. Well, this ain't a boutique hotel, but they know my order. And that is good enough for now.

Han's Cafe - The Tasty Town
1 Pickering Street
#01-03 Great Eastern Centre
Phone: 64383959
Mon - Sat: 7am - 10pm
Sun & PH: 7am - 10pm

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